great wolf lodge!

great wolf lodge is a hotel but the best one you could possibly be at! it has a indoor and outdoor water park a buffet snack bar and more. in my family (5 people) its like a tradition that on one of our birthdays we go to great wolf lodge! and Tiannah’s birthday is in April that means in april im going to GWL!!! and I cant wait!

olympic art! >-<

this week we did a art/craft and it was called olypic art! we printed out people from the olypics and then traced them (we did this soooooooo many times for pratice) then we shaded them in colours we think were apropriate for the picture we chose. i think this activity helped me remember that how many times you try just makes you better at what your doing. my person was a snowboarder!!!


welcome to my blog!

hi,my name is Katherine and the first thing you need to know about me is i LOVE chickens.i don’t know why but, there just so cute and Delicious.r.i.p chickens i have ate. anyway other than that i have 2 adorable sisters Alyssa and tiannah ,1 loving father,1 loving mother and a step brother. lots of you are probably thinking in your head that i don’t have a step brother….yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa your wrong! so now you know about my family and now your going to know my Friends! well my best friend is Franco 2nd best is Harmonee and 3rd is jenny….. you probably don’t know them but now you know!  am i forgetting anything? ah…. yes, i need to tell you some other things that are my favorite things to do to eat to go and to play. my favorite things to eat are : cucumber, Pepsi, CHICKEN, chicken wraps and strawberry favorite thing to do is make rainbow loom bracelets. my favorite place to go is GREAT WOLF LODGE!!!!! and my favorite thing to play is tag in the snow. so now you know me and i would love to hear about you!